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This FAQ contains the most common and annoying questions
asked in the alt.binaries.3d.poser newsgroup.

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The colors indicate the general topic.
GREEN is directly Poser related, RED is for bad things,
LIGHT BLUE are about Poser and some other software,
YELLOW are about other software and PURPLE are on their own :)

Q. Where can I get an update for Poser4 ?

Q. Can I get a crack/serial # here? Can someone post Poser here ?
A. Fuck no. There are dozens of warez newsgroups and
crack sites out there, and this AIN'T one of them.
If you're going to be a thief, don't be a STUPID one.
Use a search engine, and find a warez site on your own,
if you must; but if you find a pirate copy of Poser,
you'd do well to just shut the fuck up about it, because you
WILL get your ass bit off by those of us who paid for it.

Q. Would everyone please put nudity/sex/violence warnings on images ?
A. Hell no. There are plenty of "safe" Poser sites on the Net.
If you want to put warnings on your images, fine,
but don't push that shit on anyone else.
This is the where dwelleth the Poser Fringe, read the Charter,
and if you want to hang here, be prepared to see things that might
pop your fuse. If you prefer "family-friendly" mainstream art,
I suggest the following sites:

Q. How should I reply to a newsgroup post ?
A. Many of our users connect via phone line. 
To reduce wasted bandwidth due to repetiveness, please
delete images in original post when replying to HTML messages.
-- Un grand nombre de notre utilisateurs connect via téléphoner ligne. 
-- À réduire repetiveness , s'il vous plaît supprimer picture dans 
-- originelle poteau quand réponse à HTML.

Q. Where can I see other Poser nuts ?
A. Go to the Poser Files.

Q. Who is Creepy Clown ?
A. Your friend or your nightmare, you won't know till you meet him !

Q. Posting Large Animations? How big is too big ?
A.  Most of the readers of this group have very slow dial-up. 
Over 2 megs doesn't get seen by a lot of peeps in the ng.
It is suggested that you post large multipart MPEG / DivX animations 
into the alt.binaries.mpeg.videos group and to just post a note about it here. 
This is by no means a rule, ha ha. Post as you see fit.

Q. How can I render in wireframe/cartoon/outline ?
A. Render as a one frame animation image file using current display settings.
Or get the model like you want it, go to "Display" and choose figure style ->
Wireframe. Then go to the "Render" dialogue and choose "anti-alias
document". Now, do not render the picture, but go to "file" and "export"
the picture.

Q. How do I get the jagged edges to disappear from my rendered figures ?
A. Go to Render/Render Options, and check the box beside "Anti-Alias".

Q. How do I get the transmapped hair to show up in my animation ?
A. Go to Animation/Make Movie and beside "Quality"
choose "Current Render Settings".

Q. How do I make latex/PVC clothes ?
A. Follow these directions:
    1 select the material from the material editor
    2 set the object color to black
    3 set the reflective and highlight color to white
    4 set ambience to black
    5 load the silver reflection map and turn the slider up to 100%
      (the silver map is in the runtime/reflection maps folder.)

Q. How do I get my workspace to look the same when I start Poser again ?
A. Make sure that you have your workspace exactly the way you want it,
document size, tools in the place you want them, figure or
no figure in your document window, etc.
Go to Edit/General Preferences and on the window that pops up,
make sure "Use Previous State" is marked and then mark
"Launch to Preferred State", then click the "Set Preferred State" button.
NOTE - The following is from Curious Lab's FAQ.
Q. My preferred state reverts to the factory state on relaunch.
A. This is a bug in the Poser 4.03 Patch, Windows only.
We are working on correcting it.
This is not a consistent bug, so if it works for you, be happy :)

Q: How do I use Amorphium Pro to create morphs for Poser figures?
A: There is a tutorial at

Q. How do I import Poser figures into Bryce ?
A. Here's a tutorial by Kattman > CLICK ME

Q. Can I do Poser animations in Bryce?
A. Yes, you can download a demo of "Natural Pose" to do this.
The URL is >
Or check out "Susanna". There is no demo, though.

Q. How can I import Poser scenes into MAX ?
A. PoserProPack is one way, >
MaximumPose is another, >
And a plugin for MAX by Habware >

Q. How can I import Poser scenes into trueSpace ?
A. truePose is how, >

Q. How can I import Poser figures into Lightwave ?
A. Purchase Poser Propack or visit

Q. How do I import Poser figures/scenes into VUE 4 ?
A. Vue 4 can directly import both Poser figures and scenes.
See page 92 of the Vue 4 manual.

Q. How can I make a poser prop?
A. To save a combination of objects, or even a single object as a prop,
select the object and open your pullout drawer.
Open the props library and select the proper section from the list.
Once there just hit the '+' button at the bottom of the pullout.
You will receive a dialog box asking for the name.
If this is a single item prop just give it a name and say ok.
This will save it and create a thumbnail using the current scene.
If this is to be a compound prop (one with two or more different
meshes and or items that make up the true prop), you will need to
hit the button that says 'Select Subset'. You will then be given a list
of all items currently in your scene. Select all the items needed for
this prop and only those items and say ok. This brings you back to the
previous dialog, just give it a name and say ok.

Q. How can I create a landscape background with some clouds ?
A. Take a digital photograph or use a program.
Terragen (free)

Q. How do I put my face on a Poser figure ?
A. Very carefully :) Try this tutorial.

Q. How do I make a Poser figure look like me ?
A. Sell your children and purchase Lightwave and spend the next
6 months holed up in your room becoming a mesh junkie
and then realize you're not getting paid ;-))
Or play with magnets till you figure it out.

Q. Where can I get UVMapper ?
A. >

Q. Where can I get Vicky or Michael ?
A. >

Q. Can someone post last weeks DAZ3D free model ?
A. No ! If you missed it, tough.
DAZ3D gives away free stuff to attract customers.
Your only hope is to contact DAZ3D and beg :)

Q. Where can I find meshes/models/textures/clothes/tutorials/etc ?
A. Your search engine is broken, isn't it ? >

Q. How do I make meshes/models/textures/clothes/etc ?
A. Your search engine is STILL broken ?!

Q. Can you model my girlfriend/boyfriend if I describe her/him ?
A. Only if you send us lots of pictures of her/him naked.

Q. Where can I get better looking hair ?
A. >
You will never use anything else.

Q. In what folders do the different Poser file types go ?
A. Here is a diagram > CLICK ME
     Here is a list if your in a hurry :)
     .cm2 = camera-subfolder
     .fc2 = face-subfolder
     .hr2 = hair-subfolder
     .hd2 = hand-subfolder
     .lt2 = light-subfolder
     .pz2 = pose-subfolder
     .pp2 = props-subfolder
     .cr2 = character-subfolder
     .pz3 = this is a Poser "document", put anywhere and open with Poser

Q. What is an .OBJ file and where does it go ?
A. This is a very common 3d mesh format.
Poser can import this. It can be placed in any folder.
If it came with a Poser figure/prop,
READ the readme.txt to see where it should be put.

Q. How do I add more than one figure to a scene ?
A. Choose your second figure and click the double check marks.

Q. Can I change the color of my Poser4 workspace ?
A. Yes, click on any open space on your workspace
with the Paint Can tool.

Q. Can I change the color of my Poser5 workspace ?
A. You first must go use the color picker to find a suitable 
shade you like. Write down the Red Green and Blue Values 
somewhere. You now must convert these numbers to 1 long number. 
Multiply the Red number by 65536. 
Multiply the Green number by 256. 
Don't change the Blue Number. 
Add these 3 numbers together. Save the Result.
Go to Poser5/Runtime/UI directory. 
Copy posershell.xml to posershell.txt. 
Open the Posershell.txt file and behold the glory of XML.
Near the beginning of the file is a line that says 
color="13879224". Change this number to the number you calculated and
save the file. Copy it back to posershell.xml and you will have
changed your UI background color.

Q. How do you clear a memory dot ?
A. Alt-click on the dot to clear.
Option-click for Mac users.

Q. How do I get those neat cut-out style thumbnails in my
pullout drawer rather then one of those square background thumbnails ?

A. You need to be running in a high color graphics mode for your OS.
24 bit may work but I know 32 bit works. If poser detects a high
enough color mode it will automatically render the thumbnail without
the square border when adding a new item to the library.

Q. Can I get the manual in PDF format ?
A. There should be a PDF manual on the installation CD,
at least there was on the Metacreation one.
There is also one at >

Q. How do I use a BVH file ?
A. Using BVH files is actually pretty easy, click on the character you want to
use, now go to File, then Import, then BVH Motion. Click on the BVH file
then it'll import to the Poser figure. You'll get a button that says "How
are the arms aligned in this motion file?" Click on the Along X Axis button.
If you're using Poser 4 you're done there. 
If you're using Poser 5 you'll get an additional button
after you click on the X Axis button which says "Do you want Poser to
attempt to scale this motion capture data automatically or leave it
unmodified?" Click on the Scale Automatically button. Then after you've
imported the BVH motion, to see the figure move you have to click on the
animation controls which are setup similar to a VCR and are at the bottom of
the screen. Click on the bar at the bottom of the screen and then click on
the Play button and you'll see the figure moving.

Links to get bvh files:

Q. Are there any Poser utilities for Macintosh users ?
A. You betcha ! >

Q. How can I use Windows only Poser items on my Mac ?
A. I know that some of the files at Renderosity (and surely the other
sites with stuff for sale) are PC only. Unfortunately, there were a
couple of things I *really* wanted, so I decided to give it a try using
Virtual PC and an inexpensive PC item. I'd read on the Mac boards at
Renderosity that theoretically it could be done, but never could find
anything specific. Just wanted to give a report of my experience,
in case there is a Mac user out there who wants to give it a try.
I bought two small items from different artists that were marked PC
only. They were exe files, which I downloaded using my Mac. I tried to
run them from within VPC, but had problems...the hourglass would fire
up for a second, but then quit. My version of VPC has Windows95, so I
asked a PC friend if that would matter, and he said probably not.
On a lark, I tried something that worked - I uploaded the exe file to
some FTP space, and then downloaded it using MSIE in VPC. Then tried to
run again, and it worked. Both times. I thought perhaps there was
something about the way that Mac downloaded the exe file that wasn't
quite right. Then I simply ran the exe files and snagged the files
and converted (MacConverter) and put them in the right folders.
Voila! They work. More seasoned users may already know this,
but thought I'd share the tip just in case. I'm planning on
buying a couple of more expensive props next week (after I boost my RAM),
but didn't want to spend money on those until I knew it would work.
Juls - April 2002

Q. What 3D modeling programs do you all use ?
Q. What program do you use to render your images ?

A. There aren't many programs that just render. A few just do modeling.
Most 3d software can create models, render scenes and animations.
GREEN are renderers/landscape generators,  BLUE are modelers,
PURPLE are both, YELLOW means a useful tool,
F means free, $ means costs money and D for demo available.

P3dO FXplorer - Poser file viewer - F

Crossroads - 3d file converter   - F

3D Exploration   - 3d file viewer   - $ D

Nendo   - $ D

Vue4   - $ D

Carrara Studio and Amapi 3D V.6   - $ D

Amapi 4.1.5   - F

AutoCad  - $

3D Studio Max   - $ D

MaximumPose  - $ D

Rhino 3D  - $ D

Amorphium  -$ D

Truespace5  - $ D

Lightwave 3D  - $

Maya  - $ D

Anim8or  - F

Blender  - F

OpenFX  - F

Milkshape  - F

Bryce5  - $ D

MojoWorld   - $ D

Terragen  - F

The following is about the different female models, in contrast to the generic default female figure in Poser, affectionately called "Posette".

Q. What is the difference between Posette and (Fill in the blank)?
A. The Evolution of the Nude Female Figure in Poser.
Starting with Poser 3:

1) P3 - Posette - stock figure
head and body map in proportion
textures: low resolution on head.

2) P3 - remapped as BigFace version by Floydd
head portion of map enlarged and isolated
equals better textures on head.

3) NYW - (Nude Young Woman) Zygote sale item
mapping similar to Big Face version P3 head morphs work,
nail morphs work, rest of body just different enough
that all new morphs must be made.

4) WWG - (Woman With Genitals) P3 Posette with a detailed
genital prop by Hellborn, incorporated into the hip group,
P3 hip morphs invalid but other morphs unchanged.
Mapping based on Big Face but with two new materials and
hip mapping changed, BigFace maps work for most materials.

5) P4 - Posette - stock figure - mapping similar to Big Face
P3 head morphs work, nail morphs work - rest of body
just different enough that all new morphs must be made.

6) P4 - with improved joint parameters by Fredrick
morphs and textures for P4 unaffected.

7) P4WWG - P4 Posette with Hellborn's detailed genital prop
incorporated into the hip group - P4 hip morphs invalid but
other morphs unchanged. Mapping based on P4 ,
but with two new materials and hip mapping changed.
P4 map works for most materials, free submission by
NdYVO4 sponsored by Traveler.

8) Eve v1 - P4 with body groups recut and buttock groups added,
texture mapping unaffected. New morphs required for central
body groups, P4 morphs for head and elements beyond elbows
and knees still work. P4 clothing will not conform properly
the body groups do not match up.
Free submission, a major improvement by Torino.

9) Eve WGen (v2?) - Hellborn's hip transferred to yet another
character. Totally different mapping - new hip morphs needed.
free submission by NdYVO4 sponsored by Traveler.

10) Eve v3 - Eve WGen - Remapped to match P4 maps and
Bushi's Real Eye Props incorporated.
Free submission by Traveler

11) Eve v3.2 - some minor changes to v3 and morphs included
in the CR2, free submission by Traveler

12) Victoria - Zygote sale item - A step higher in figure quality,
Includes the improvements pioneered above with the addition
of a higher mesh density for better quality morphs and better
quality texturing. Transmaping eyebrows added.
Uses the groups introduced with Eve so P4 clothing will not
conform properly. All new textures required and also introduces
the use of layering of texture maps. There is no genitals prop
but there are vertices added to the groin area which allow for
passable morphing to be done. Because this is done with morphs
rather than a prop, the texturing problems encountered with P3WWG
vs P3, P4WWG vs P4 , EvewGen vs P4 do not occur.

13) Millie - Victoria with minor remapping and a new material
added. All of Victoria's maps work as do the morphs. The lips
and nipples are enlarged and overlays the entire map
(a third layer) - allows more detail. The vertices in groin
are assigned their own material and mapped as a fourth layer.
Once upon a time a free submission by Jaager

14) Super Model Vicky - a commercial character by Jim Burton
based on the Victoria geometry.

15) V2 - Victoria with a very large number of additional morphs.

16) V2P4 - an add-on figure that comes with V2.
It is a separate geometry, but is a morphed down and recut
Victoria geometry designed to use Vicki textures and wear P4
clothing. As a practical matter, this comes at the cost of the
loss of all but the head morphs for Vicki.
Additional morphs must be copied in rather than applied.

17) DinaV - 110,000 polygon count mesh. Lots of built in morphs.
Super hi-rez model and textures, improved joints.
> or for purchase at
> or

18) Stephanie - new character model by DAZ.


There are currently 4 incarnations of Victoria all from
All of them go by the nick names Vicky, Vic, Millie, Millennium Woman, and
frequently a designation like V#.

Vicky 1 was of course the first in the Victoria series. She has the exact
same "mesh", or .OBJ geometry as Vicky 2.
Vicky one is on sale in DAZ3D's Loft.

Victoria 2 was Vicky 1 with a large number of extra morphs added and very
minor tweeking on her CR2 file. In most cases, if you have Vicky2, you don't
need Vicky1.

Vicky 1 and 2 are morph target compatible. Anything made for V1 will work on V2. If you develop a morph on V2... Technically you can spawn it and use it on V1, But this is illegal if it uses any of the built in morphs from V2.

Victoria Reduced Resolution was a version of Vicky 2 that ... as the name
implies has a reduced resolution Mesh. She is also some times know as LowRes V2, LRV2, RRV2 V2RR, or any other combination of that identifies her has not having the same quality as V2.
While she lacks some detail. V2RR is a very versatile mesh that takes all
the Textures from Vicky 1 and 2. Although none of the morph targets are
interchangeable. V2RR does have all the built in morphs of V2. So if you
only use the dials to develop a face file for V2, you can use that face file
of V2RR and you should get close to the same results. There was also a
Victoria 1 Reduced Res that was given away as a Freebie.

Victoria 3 is a completely new mesh with 2.5 times as much geometry detail
as Vicky1 and 2, and 4 times as much as Vicky2RR. She is also the first in
the Vicky line to be unable to use the same clothes as her lower Res
Sisters. While her mesh is very close to V2 in many respects, her face has
more polygons than Vicky2's whole body. Her mesh was also broken up
differently than before making her body bend much more naturally, but
causing clothing to not fit properly. She also doesn't not use Vicky2
texture maps unless she is modified. She does include a V3toV2 version that
will fit clothing and take V2 maps, but it has no morph targets because
neither the V3 or V2 morphs work on it.
Vicky3 was actually broken up into three packages to make it easier for 56K
modem buyers to download her, and because she includes a new way of adding and removing morphs called "Morph Injection" where the morph is added as a Pose files. Some new morphs have recently turned Vicky3 into a Man. This is sometime called Victor.

There are 2 other major characters from DAZ. Mike is essentially the Male
counterpart to Vicky. Also called the Millennium Man. He is a completely
different mesh with different morphs. He comes in all variety's that Vicky
comes in except for the new V3 high-res version. That is being work on and
should show up some time this summer. Then there is Stephanie or Steph. She
is a female figure created based on Mike's Geometry, but not available as
morphs. She can wear most of Vicky's clothes.